I'm a 30 years old creative coder based in Lyon, France.

Where i’m coming from

I graduated in computer science engineering then worked in image processing before starting freelancing.
I worked on various size projects, from startups to multinational companies, doing mostly design integration jobs.

What i do

I design, code and deploy quality tailored websites for clients caring about their online image.
In my free time I experiment with web technologies, trying to find new ideas which I will integrate into my work.
I also teach computer science in several institutions and companies.

Where I’m going

I’m planning on embracing web animations and finding ways to integrate them into my regular front-end pipeline. This leads to reflexions about performance and responsiveness as well as finding meaning conveyed by them.
I’m also more and more interested an graphic design and trying to make it so that things I code make sense visually.


2014 - Master’s degree in computer engineering
2015 - IEEE ICIP publication (image processing)
2015 - Started freelancing
2016 - Started teaching
2017 - Joined Kolle-Bolle


Front-end - JS ES6, Sass, SVG
Back-end - PHP7, Symfony 3, Laravel, Wordpress
DevOps - UNIX systems, Vagrant, Ansible

Learning - WebGL/GLSL, Vue.js, Machine learning & neural nets

Courses I teach

- Networking (beginner)
- Operating Systems (intermediate)
- PHP/Symfony (intermediate)
- JavaScript (advanced)
- HTML/CSS integration (advanced)

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